Goodbye v2. Hello v3!

We are closing down v2 of CollegeSpace. Please use the latest version for notes/exam papers/notices and news related to NSIT

Goodbye v2, hello v3!

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CollegeSpace has reached greater heights with its version 2 throughout 2013-14, and now it is time to aim the stars !

We are proud to announce that Version 3 of CollegeSpace is now out of beta, introducing two websites, one for students aspiring to enter NSIT, and other specifically tailored to give a seamless experience while viewing important notices, previous year papers and notes, even on mobile ! Update your bookmarks, and welcome the new version in the house!



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The website features in depth details about the college, great content, a blog and several interesting categories like Gems of NSIT , Alumni Speak , interviews and much more! Perfect one stop destination for juniors, regular readers and of course alumni!

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CollegeSpace has always been known for providing high quality notes, previous exam papers, and quick access to Notices, Timetables, Datesheets and what now! We have re-engineered it in a new website to make it much more responsive, mobile friendly and lightweight. Not only the website loads up very quickly, but also offers the content in much more appealing way. We are very much pleased by the way you guys have responded on it, with 10,000+ views just in just 3 weeks.

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What’s next?

The journey has just began! With 2014 recruits, we are aiming to redesign the way NSITians perceive CollegeSpace, making it definitely the best web portal of any college in India. We are very excited about it, and hope you are too 🙂


Note : will stay live for a few while now, however the content will not be updated. To have a better experience it is highly recommended you use version 3.


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