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NSIT Crescendo

Welcome to the NSIT Crescendo – The Music Society Collegespace page.

NSIT has by far nurtured art, music and culture through clubs, festivals and competitions and through the great

support of our Faculty.We work hard, achieve our goals and then release ourselves to the ultimate joy of Music. NSIT is brimming with musical talent,varying from many great guitarists, drummers, tabla players to soloists and have created some real good music.

Crescendo aims at bringing all music lovers to the same platform to share their interest for music through singing, discussions about artists, songs, history, stage performances and inter branch or inter college music competitions. Crescendo is not restricted to any particular genre of Music. Music ranging from rock, jazz, pop, fusion, to Bollywood numbers, indipop, Hindustani classical is experienced at crescendo.

Crescendo is quite famous among many other things for its musical evenings where students of various branches give eclectic music performances either vocal or instrumental in front of huge crowds in the auditorium. These are generally held in every few months as so or during the cultural festivals of Moksha and Resonance. Crescendo meetings are held regularly during which members hold discussions, practice songs and instruments and basically have a blast. Crescendo society is open for all students who either sing or play instruments and auditions are held for inducting new members into the society.

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Contact person:

  • siddharth sharma-9650293067, 3rd ice
    meghna dass- 9971230604, 3rd yr ece
    vipul malhotra- 9818415152, 3rd yr coe

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