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Hola Freshers !

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For everyone, the journey from school to college is a very crucial one.

While on one hand, you feel like a free bird with no more board exams, no more getting up early for school, no more stupid assignments, no school uniform and teachers punishing you..! But on the other hand, the last days of school remind you that now you and your best buddies won’t be together anymore. The recently attended FAREWELL, the hugs, the tears, the goodbyes, the promises… You tend to be a little emotional because you are about to move on, leaving a place filled with countless memories of those lovely 14 years!

Aah!! A mixed feeling indeed. Moving on like a grown up yet keeping in our heart the beautiful memories. Although, for  engineering students the journey also consists of the impatient three months which are supposed to decide their future. Going through those mind drilling Entrance Exams and the endless counseling procedures, which bring with them the unbearable pressure, sky high expectations and sleepless nights!! uff..!!

And after all this, finally, you make it to one of the best engineering colleges of the country -NSIT!!
So, first of all…A hearty welcome to all the NSITians!! You guys deserve it..!!! 😀

Quite obviously, everyone comes with some expectations and desires for their college life. This is well justified as college life is one of the best part of our lives!! And while you are in NSIT, trust me; these are going to be the best four years of your life!! 😉

Anyways, you will have your own experience of college life eventually but as for now every one of you tend to seek some guidance. Some do’s and don’ts from seniors and a number of FAQ’s related to everything that happens in college- Academics,bunks,societies,details of various departments, the faculty, the FESTS, the masti and what not.

So here we are to help you out!

CollegeSpace attempts to resolve some of your doubts by providing discussion forums. We strive to bring out the best possible answers for all your queries along with updating you with the recent events, updates and everything that goes about in college, and hence the tagline..

CollegeSpace – Stay connected with NSIT!!

A quick tour of CollegeSpace and a guide to help you all sail smoothly through your college life (esp. the First Sem to begin with! ;)) is coming soon!

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