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We are closing down v2 of CollegeSpace. Please use the latest version for notes/exam papers/notices and news related to NSIT

Are we helpful?

We just asked people if we were helpful to them. If yes, how we helped them?
These were the replies that we have got!
Hope we are helping you too! If yes! Then please leave a comment explaining how it helped you. Always happy to help.


Ankit Kulshreshtha (MPAE Batch 2011-2015)

“CollegeSpace as a simple website gives us a lot of information to each NSITian. Each and every update of NSIT is published on it as soon as the event takes place. The Results also are uploaded on the website which is very helpful for students as they don’t have to waste a lot of time standing in the great queues at the admin just to take a glance at the result charts. Also, the practical files, notes and the exam papers are of great use to the students during the exam time.”


Rishul Aggarwal (COE Batch 2011-2015)

“CollegeSpace is one site where I get everything related to NSIT at one place. Be it info about the societies, important updates, the prescribed books and syllabus for the semester, previous year exam papers and even lectures, notes and practical files. Plus the newly added MORE section is really good. Sometimes i just login to play games.”


Nilaksh Das (ICE Batch 2010-2014)

“CollegeSpace helps me to keep up with all the latest updates that are happening in my own class through notes and group discussions. It gives me easy access to relevant information such as the result of each semester. It also helps slackers like me to complete their practical files!”


Sameeksha Aggarwal (IT Batch 2011-2015)

“It helps us to know all the latest happenings in college, including information about syllabus, fees etc. It is also helpful for students interested to take admissions in our college as it gives them a brief idea about its curriculum. Thus it helps in increasing the popularity of our college which needs to be explained to people”


Yogesh Arora (ICE Batch 2010-2014)

  1. “Getting class notes, files, exam papers etc. is never a hunt game when CollegeSpace is there.
  2. Getting updates of events, workshops at the earliest and making sure it reaches every NSITian is what CollegeSpace is best at
  3. You get the End Sem results on CollegeSpace even earlier than the official college website
  4. CollegeSpace keeps on coming with new initiatives like LearnSpace and admission guan for making it easier for NSITians to get connected n work with NSITians and aspiring NSITians to seek help from NSITians without a fight.”


Gaurav Taneja (ECE Batch 2010-2014)

“One website for things as important as previous year exam papers to as trivial as exam dates and time tables.”


Videt Jaiswal (MPAE, Batch of 2015)

“It is a useful source of live information about the college like results, time table, announcements etc. Most importantly, the notes and previous year question papers are up to date and make life easy.”


Ikshu Bhalla (COE Batch 2011-2015)

“Its more like a one click access to all the resources needed in college, be it circulars, syllabus, books, previous year papers or anything!!”


Rushil Kapoor

“You don’t have to run here and there for notes, news at all. You have got it all right here on CollegeSpace.”


Ayush aggarwal (BT Batch 2011-2015)

“It provides lecture notes, previous year papers and also keeps us updated about current events in NSIT”


Garima Jain (COE Batch 2011-2015)

“It helps us keep up to date on college activities while sitting comfortably at home”


Nidhi Hans (BT Batch 2011-2015)

“It is helpful to me in each direction, in having guide from our great seniors. And question papers too. It is very useful.”


 Shashank Singh (MPAE Batch 2011-2015)

“Quite a lot of info. Societies and results. Also, info about happenings in college. I don’t mean gossip but the bulletin board info.”


Shikha Goel (ICE Batch 2011-2015)

“Event updates…Results Previous year papers”


Dhruv Mathur (ICE Batch 2011-2015)

“Because it keeps me up to date on events & stuff happening in our college”


Ayush Aggarwal (ICE 2011-2015)

“Result, paper, notes, latest events and all other related information”


Akash Vacher (IT 2011-2015)

“I frequently used college space for notes and getting academic updates”


Gaurav Anand (COE Batch 2011-2015)

“Previous papers and latest updates.”

Harsh Pathak (ICE Batch 2011-2015)

“Notes, previous years exam papers mainly”


Sheetal Chauhan (ECE 2011-2015)

“It provides exam papers”


Rohit Singhania (ICE Batch 2011-2015)

“It gives us syllabus, notes, practical files and all that”


Kumar Abhijit (ICE Batch 2011-2015)

“Question papers”


Shaifali Bhandari (IT Batch 2011-2015)

“It provides syllabus”

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  • Rohit Gahlan


    College Space is a very useful site.Being a fresher I was confused about the practical file work . College Space not only provides file work but notes, time table and what not.I really appreciate the work of seniors who are a part of this site.


  • Chandandeep


    Great Job…!!Helping the students,…….!!Awesome…!!


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